Before you can sell your book, you need to market it. Here are some crucial steps that you need to include in your book marketing plan.


Identify Your Audience

First, determine your book’s target audience. A lot of authors make the egregious mistake of believing that everyone is a potential reader. The truth is, certain groups of people people are more likely to buy a book compared to others. Think about the following questions: Would your book appeal more to females or males? What age range ideally represents your readers? Where are they located? What kind of activities are they mostly engaged in? The more you can narrow your target audience, the easier it will be to promote  and sell your book. Use the kortingscode nike online shop when you shop online but if you wanna purchase books, you can use promo codes.


Have an Attractive Book Cover

It sounds like a cliche, but people definitely still judge books by their cover. Your book does not have to feature the best cover but it certainly should not be the least expensive cover on the bookshelf. Choose a cover that is enticing and provocative for readers to boost your sales number. Keep in mind that a book is just like any other product. Because of this, the book’s appearance has a considerably impact on the  decision of potential reader. A good and attractive cover implies superior quality. For this reason, make sure that you choose a book cover design that looks professional and which can boost your sales figures. If you are self-publishing, hire a cover art designer with experience in making cover art for books in your genre. Save big with kortingscode bestseller shop and have an option to customize your own book cover.


Use Social Media

If no one knows about you or your book, how can they buy your book? Social networking is a ‘one thing leads to another’ tool, so by continuously increasing your network, you can build a better author brand. Remember to share on your social media platforms. More importantly, use platforms have longer lasting effectiveness such as Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Scoopit and Flipboard. These platforms are known to generate a lot of traffic, so take advantage of them to share and distribute the post or website you make for your book. choose from the many internet en bellen vergelijken or choose from the many internet and call compare,to know which platforms you can use. Offers of goedkoopste internet tv en bellen pakket or offers of cheapest internet TV and calling package can be also found on tech blogs online.