Below is a list of some of the usual events that we hold for our authors. These events often serve two purposes: to promote a newly published book through creative events and to create strong ties with the local reading community.


Interactive Book Fairs at Local Schools and Universities

Book fairs are exhibitions that are hosted by certain organizations that want to make new books available to the public. Book fairs at local schools provide children with a motivation to read by offering them an extensive selection of books to choose from that they check out before they decide to purchase one. Asia 2000 often attends book fairs at local schools and universities to ensure that our authors reach a wider audience. In addition to the benefits to authors, we also want to help raise money for the community and its reading programs. We support literacy programs and community efforts to boost reading among children and adults.


Book Signing at Local Bookstores

Traditionally, bookstores or libraries host book signings. The author of a featured book attends, sometimes does a reading from one of his or her own books, and may also sit for a Q&A session. Asia 2000 plans and funds book signing tours for our authors. At well-attended book signings are a great way to directly sell many copies of a book that we publish. Book signings offer authors a chance to inspire and connect with the readers, and also get the opportunity to better understand the target audience. More importantly, book signings are a way for authors to connect personally with their fans and answer questions.


Book Conferences and Literary Festivals

Asia 2000 also encourages our authors to attend book conferences and literary festivals. Established writers and other celebrities with newly-published books typically attract a huge large audience during these gatherings. These events provide authors with an incredible support group of people at all levels of their writing or reading career who simply enjoy getting together from time to time to mingle with those who are passionate about literature. It also provides new authors with the opportunity to bring their books to a variety of readers.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.